It is our mission to become a partner for your laboratory needs


The Futurlab® company has been constantly growing since 2003, specializing in marketing diagnostic systems, instruments and products for the human and veterinary health sectors.
We offer the clinical world certified analytical products and system and guide our clients in developing the technological and scientific sides of their businesses.
We provide consulting to clients seeking benefits for their businesses: our specialized technical team ensures ongoing assistance in every phase, from installation of the proposed analytical systems to training and development, offering real-time support.
Professionalism, curiosity and innovation lie the foundations of our company policy, enabling us to serve as a dependable partner, always updated and modernized.



Futurlab ® develops strategies for creating a successful business together with its clients and supports them so that they, in turn, can provide excellent service.

Futurlab ® engages with the various medical branches, providing consulting for technological development and growth and helping to maximize the performance of the laboratory environment. We round out our service by responding promptly to all client requests for specialized, technical support.



Every day the Futurlab ® team dedicates a part of its time to scientific research and the pursuit of technological innovation.

We channel our resources into developing patents, projects and scientific publications to enhance our products and provide added value to practical day-to-day applications.


Our company operates in compliance with the current ISO:9001, offering diagnostic support merging innovation, high standards and competitiveness.

Our specialized staff ensures fast, flexible and high-quality service, including cold chain compliance in transporting refrigerated products and branded, environmentally friendly packaging.



Confesercenti awarded to Futurlab® for our research and innovation, recognizing that our company:

"[…] was able to grow considerably in one of the periods most difficult for the Italian economy, investing in research and training" and "[...] showed the ability to adapt to new market needs, always ready to stir up new ideas."