Disposable diagnostic materials

We provide a wide selection of consumables commonly used in laboratory and clinic settings. An array of disposable diagnostic materials for a wide range of applications. To make professionals’ work easier and safer.

  • Custody system for toxicological investigations

  • Tamper-proof systems

  • Sampling systems

  • Strips and urine analysis systems

  • Sample transport bags

  • Syringes, needles, test tubes

  • Integrated needle-holder-adapter collection systems

  • Bacteriological materials - plates, antibiotic discs

  • Swabs with medium

  • Urine and stool containers

  • Test tubes, microtubes

  • Tips

  • Sistemi di dispensazione liquidiLiquid dispensing systems

  • Microbiology equipment

  • Coils, petri dishes

  • Test tube racks

  • Fixed and variable-volume pipettes and micropipettes

  • Gloves

  • PPE

  • Slides and coverslips

  • Counting slides

  • Slide holder systems

  • Staining trays

  • Cytology material

  • Histology material

  • Waste containers

  • Disinfectants, masks

  • Chemical reagents and dyes

  • Water

Some products may not be listed, please feel free to contact our commercial department and let us know what you are looking for.



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