The new automatic ELISA analyzer with 3 independent plates

Repeatable, solid and reliable, built in Italy for your laboratory

Stratego braccio

Ideal for automating the analysis of tetanus, food intolerances, allergies, Coronavirus, commonly abused drugs, Quantiferon...

Stratego handles up to 3 96-well microplates in independent sessions plus an additional fourth plate for predilution, which can be converted to a working plate.

The analyzer handles up to 4 different methods with one sample.
Samples are loaded through frontal slides and identified with barcodes, perfect for creating a simplified work list. The sampling device is equipped with a pressure sensor that detects bubbles, clots and draught level.

The instrument is supplied with a PC and dedicated software that may be interfaced to the LIS and managed remotely thanks to Futurlab's assistance support.

No cross-contamination!
Stratego prevents any kind of contamination or entrainment, because:

  • It is the only analyzer to use non-conductive disposable tips for sample dispensing, tips which are then automatically disposed of in the front drawer.
  • Its washing comb has 8 dedicated needles for dispensing and 8 for aspiration. They are height-adjustable for total precision of the washing phase.

Thanks to these features, there is no need for pre- or post-analysis cleaning.

The innovative plate frames make it compatible with all the plates on the market. They also adjust the height of the plate and descent of the dispensing needles, ensuring drying precision.

It is instant
The instrument is equipped with a lateral LED indicator light: BLUE indicates stand-by, GREEN indicates working and RED indicates a problem.
The special design with compact front discharge canisters with level sensors ensures your work will not be interrupted.

Technical features:

  • Up to 320 disposable tips
  • Photometer with 8 frequency LEDs for each wavelength and optical filters: 4 wavelengths, 2 standard and 2 optional
  • Barcode reader for samples and reagents
  • 3 washer canisters, 1 water canister and 1 drain canister
  • Washer module consisting of 3 plates, 3 incubators with independent shakers, and a 16-pin mainfold
  • Hardware and software designed entirely in Italy
  • Size: 83x94.5x69.5 cm
  • Weight: 100kg
Stratego front

Produced and distributed by Futurlab®



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