Safe containers for histology

The safety of health professionals is highly important to us, which is why we choose the safest devices for you. Such as formalin-filled containers to collect histological samples with no inhalation or contact.

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Current chemical preparation safety regulations require that users be equipped with safety equipment, including histology containers with formic aldehyde, a substance that is particularly dangerous in terms of inhalation and contact.

Futurlab offers professional users the new, safe histology container in 3 different formats:

  • 60ml, containing 20ml of formalin
  • 150ml, containing 150ml of formalin
  • 500ml, containing 230ml of formalin

In the upper compartment, the system features a phosphate buffer that helps the tissue sample detach from the sampling clamp. The lower part, containing an 8% concentration of formalin, is hermetically sealed to avoid any contact or inhalation by the medical technician.

Once the sample has been inserted and the cap screwed on, the sample moves down along with the compartment and is immersed in the fixative, diluting the formalin to 4%.

The compartment holding the sample always remains immersed in formalin, even if the container ends up being jostled or tipped during transport. This ensures the liquid is always in contact with the biopsied sample, thus preserving its quality.

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