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Futurlab has created AB Bags, the new devices specially designed for the veterinary profession to help professionals safely reconstitute, administer and dispose of chemotherapy drugs for dogs, cats and small pets
Numerous advances have been made in the field of veterinary oncology medicine in recent years, but it remains hard to find suitable equipment.

With AB Bags, veterinary professionals benefit from a wide range of innovative, important, useful and functional equipment capable of maintaining a closed, aseptic and safe system, without having to adapt existing systems designed for human medicine.

AB Bags, your devices for safe chemotherapy treatment of cats and dogs.
The veterinary professional and patient are both protected from exposure to dangerous drugs, thanks to a closed system rigorously designed with needle free connections to avoid any contamination or spillage.

Our line of oncology products includes customized devices allowing professionals to:

  • manage different types of infusions, both fast and slow;
  • verify the correct venous access, to avoid overflow;
  • prepare and administer the antiblastic drug in complete safety;
  • avoid aerosols, drips, or waste;
  • dispose of the set and single-use materials that have been used.

Futurlab supplies the oncology field with instruments dedicated to this important and delicate branch of veterinary medicine, such as:

  • Floor or countertop oncology hoods
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): protective gowns for biological and cytostatic agents, polycarbonate goggles, filtering face masks, protective latex gloves for handling harmful agents, absorbent mats in different sizes as a working base for the safe handling of cytostatic pharmaceuticals, emergency spill kits
  • Containers for the disposal of devices contaminated by chemotherapeutic medication

Download the webinar "How to organize a chemotherapy service"