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Futurlab has created AB Bags, the new devices designed for the veterinary profession to perform transfusions on dogs, cats and small pets.
Numerous advances have been made in the field of veterinary transfusion medicine in recent years, but it remains hard to find suitable equipment.
With AB Bags veterinary professionals can take advantage of a wide range of innovative, important, useful and functional equipment capable of maintaining a closed, aseptic and safe system, without having to adapt existing systems designed for human medicine.

AB Bags, your devices for safe transfusion in dogs and cats

Our range of transfusion products includes:

Single and multiple bags for collecting canine whole blood, leukodepleted blood, or for separating blood components;

The world's only closed system for feline blood collection;

Deflectors and other accessories;

Serological tests and blood groups for dogs and cats.

All systems allow professionals to:

  • calibrate the anticoagulants amount to the amount of blood drawn
  • test blood at any time, even while being stored, without affecting its sterility
  • avoid waste