Stago Compact Max®

A landmark in the hemostasis field, this fully automatic analyzer can be used to perform complete coagulation profiles.


The Compact Max® provides reliable and extremely accurate results thanks to the mechanical viscosity-based detection principle, the gold standard method for analyzing clinically complex plasmas. The quality of the reagents guarantees maximum sensitivity for all chronometric, chromogenic and immunological tests.

What is the mechanical viscosity-based detection method?

In coagulation, all cuvettes for inserting samples have a magnetic ball whose movement directly detects the clot. Only in the Compact Max® Stago, the ball does not rotate but instead oscillates between two magnets. The reading is thus not affected by interference and guarantees maximum precision. It is also insensitive to hemolyzed, lipemic, or icteric plasmas.


It analyzes using the mechanical viscosity-based detection method, ensuring accurate and precise analysis even from less-than-perfect samples. The cuvettes equipped with magnetic balls are preloaded to minimize operator interaction.

It features pre-calibrated, ready-to-use reagents with extended on-board stability. They may be stored in the refrigerator and placed on board the instrument when needed.


PT, APTT, fibrinogen, antithrombin, d-dimer, FDP, thrombin time, extrinsic pathway factors, intrinsic pathway factors, anti-XA, protein C, activated protein C resistance, protein S, lupus anticoagulant, vWF, microparticles, plasminogen, antiplasmin, and TAFI.


  • 1 cuvette=1 test to minimize the production of waste fluids and materials
  • Suitable for switching on 24/7, for first aid and emergency situations.
  • Enters into stand-by mode when not in use
  • Only 25 µL of plasma per test; 350 µL for extended profiles
  • Size: 70.5x97x73cm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 140 kg

What our clients think about it:

“The instrument is ideal for performing complete coagulation profiles in a very short time, with considerable benefits for the doctors working at the hospital”.

“This instrument is excellent and reliable. Necessary for the daily practice of internal medicine.”

Dr. Silvia Bigi - Castellarano Veterinary Clinic



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