Emogas Prime Plus Vet Nova Biomedical

Complete Nova Biomedical analyzer equipped with the innovative microsensor cartridge system for veterinary critical care settings.


Comprehensive whole blood analyzer combining blood gas, electrolytes, metabolites, co-oximetry and 32 results calculated via a compact, easy-to-use analyzer. Sampling may be performed from syringes, capillaries, tubes or vials.

Prime Plus VET combines maintenance-free replaceable cartridge technology for sensors and reagents with innovative, patented co-oximetry that is also maintenance-free.

The individual sensor and calibrator cartridges offer a significant advantage in terms of analyzer operation.


This instrument is always ready, 24 hours a day, and performs a complete blood gas analysis profile in approximately 60 seconds.
The high-performance capacity of Prime Plus Vet makes it easy to handle the large number of samples processed in a clinic.


22 measured tests:
pH, PCO₂, PO₂, Hct, SO₂%, Na+, K+, Cl-, TCO₂, iCa, Glucose, Lactate, Urea (BUN), Creatinine, iMg, tHb, O₂Hb, COHb, MetHb, HHb, Tbil, HbF.


  • Size: 35.6x39.1x45.7 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 19.3 Kg with calibrator cartridges
  • High definition 25cm color touch screen
  • Clot protection system to prevent clogging
  • Ready-to-use cartridge
  • Additional QC: continuous monitoring of the status and performance of analytical components (including sensors, reagents, calibrators, sample integrity, software and electrical components).
  • Integrated barcode



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